Child and Adolescent Services:
Evaluations generate the best information if you and, if possible, your child or adolescent are actively involved in formulating the questions to be answered. We believe that it is important to understand a child in the context of expectable developmental changes, culture, and family values. It is further important to help a child feel supported and comfortable in the testing environment, so that the child’s behavior and functioning is most accurately understood. We provide a respectful, strength-based perspective that honors each child’s individuality.
Sometimes, learning and developmental difficulties do not become apparent until later in life. For example, some learning problems may not be apparent until critical times, such when volume of writing increases later in elementary school, when geometry and diagrams become more prominent in high school, or when greater learning independence and strategic study skills are needed, such as in high school or college. When your questions arise, our practice will be here to help you formulate and address your concerns.