About Dr. Hilliard:
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Molly Hilliard, Ph.D.

Dr. Hilliard is a licensed clinical psychologist in New Jersey and New York and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Mindful Assessments and Psychological Services, where she is currently specializing in neuropsychological assessment. Dr. Hilliard has experience evaluating and treating children, adolescents, adults, and families in a variety of contexts including inpatient, outpatient, residential treatment, day treatment, and private practice settings.

Dr. Hilliard graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Rutgers College with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a minor in Elementary Education. She worked as an actuary for Insurance Services Office and AIG prior to returning to school to study Clinical Psychology. She earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in 2003 and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2004 from St. John’s University.

Dr. Hilliard completed two externships at Bronx Children’s Psychiatric Center, where she worked with multidisciplinary teams to evaluate and treat children and adolescents in their Child Inpatient Unit and Community Day Treatment Annex. She also completed her internship at The Children’s Village Residential Treatment Center, where she evaluated and treated boys with mental health challenges that were often layered with trauma. She then completed a one-year postdoctoral fellowship at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Payne Whitney Westchester, where she worked with children, adolescents and families with a variety of disorders, including anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, and autism, as well as adjustment issues related to adoption and divorce. After taking a break from clinical work to raise her children, Dr. Hilliard is now pursuing specialization in Clinical Neuropsychology.

Since joining Mindful Assessments and Psychological Services, Dr. Hilliard has focused on assessment with individuals across the life span. In addition to working with children and adolescents, she has gained experience assessing older adults to answer questions about cognitive changes they may be experiencing, and whether these changes may be related to an underlying neurological issue such as dementia. Dr. Hilliard believes strongly in the value of assessment as a means for empowering individuals and families to harness their strengths, to approach their vulnerabilities with understanding and acceptance, and to create needed change.