Adult Services:

Evaluations generate the best information if you are actively involved in formulating the questions to be answered. Some questions include:
  • How is my head injury impacting my ability to learn or do well in the workplace?
  • How can my aging mother maintain as much independence as possible and best adjust to her cognitive changes?
  • Do I have an undiagnosed Attention-Deficit or Learning Disorder that is interfering with my achievement in college or graduate school?
  • How can I better understand and navigate the conflicts I have with individuals in my family and workplace?
  • How can I have a better relationship with my aging parent?
  • What is the right career path for me?
  • How can I feel more confident and happy?
  • Is there evidence for memory decline with aging?
  • How can I make better progress in my psychiatric care or psychotherapy?
We will use multiple sources of information to generate answers to your questions: A combination of state-of-the-art and evidence-based evaluation tools, review of medical, educational, and other records, as well as careful behavioral observations of your approach to tasks. We will also ask you to share your own valuable impressions, and if you wish, we will gather other collateral reports. This will help generate a roadmap for recommendations and other interventions, to provide you direction for your future.

Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Living Communities

We perform evaluations for the following issues: